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Updating you hourly with the latest news on selected Cornish radio stations with the latest from The Sky News Center.

NewsHQ Traffic

Keeping a beady eye on Cornwall's roads and rails, NewsHQ is the home of all the travel updates on our connected radio stations.

NewsHQ Weather

Sent to the radio stations, an hourly update for the weather forecast across Cornwall! Never be caught off guard in the rain again.

NewsHQ Sport

For the latest sport updates from your local sport clubs in Cornwall! Find all the fixtures and results all in one place.

Our Creators

Ryan Wicks

From starting up NewsHQ to running most of it's services on Radio Wolf, (a connected station) Ryan works a lot around us.

Ryan Wicks

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Get NewsHQ Xtra for your radio station or company! NewsHQ Xtra is a service provided by us where you can have a screen with all the information your presenters or workers need... All in one place! Join us today!

Our Connected Stations

Radio Wolf

About us

NewsHQ works together with local radio's in Cornwall to give everyone the latest updated news!

Our mission

We want to be the biggest information sharing company in Cornwall, sharing the latest news, travel, weather and sport. We will get the radio's to help us gather the news and we will share it between everyone in Cornwall. After all, sharing is caring!

Our offer

  • Updated News, Travel, Sport, Weather and Events.
  • Sent out every hour to local stations.
  • Open to the public, so everyone can have this important information!

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